The name L'OX comes from the French Le OX a type of cow. As the name suggests, L'OX specialises in steak, applying cutting-edge cooking techniques to top-quality beef.


A storied heritage

LOX is inspired by celebrated Parisian cabaret bar Le Boeuf sur le toit (literally the ox on the roof). In the twenties, Le Boeuf sur le toit was the centre of avant-garde cabaret society in Paris, hosting Coco Chanel, Pablo Picasso, and many more household names. Over a century later, the spirit of Le Boeuf sur le toit lives on at LOX.


A French way of life

Le Bœuf sur le toit had such an influence on the world of jazz music that in French an improvised jam session is referred to as faire un boeuf. At LOX, you can experience that same spirit of creativity and joie de vivre, as jazz meets exquisite cuts of steak. With a glass of red wine in hand and the strains of jazz playing in your ears, youll feel transported to a classic French steak restaurant on the Champs-Élysées